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“The Obsolete Man” in the 21st century

Can a half-hour TV show be a masterpiece? The genius of Rod Serling’s best work is he isn’t taking aim at left or right, patriot or rebel, believer or unbeliever. If you’re displaying the behavior, it’s about you. Minus commercials, twenty minutes to tell a story that sucks you in and often turns you inside […]

The Wall (T.M. Doran, Copyright 2019)

The Recruitment Center was a dingy little room with one glassless window looking out at the Wall. No chairs in the room because the presentations were brief. Once a week, Of-Agers assembled in the soot-laden room to hear the Parties pitched in anticipation of the decision they would soon be compelled to make. Lyn had […]

God and Science, Science and God

  Even a person of deep faith can sometimes be intimidated by the astounding proclamations that come from the scientific community, to the extent that we may be inclined to tune them out, or reject them out of hand.   Science has become so specialized it’s difficult for laymen, even those with technical training, to […]

Leonardo’s Work

“HOW MANY ROADRUNNERS WILL YOU DELIVER THIS WEEK?” asked Leonardo. “Eighty-two,” the voice on the phone replied. “The contract specifies one hundred forty.” The distressed voice said, “The drives are titanium gluttons. We’re doing our best. The Russians…” “I don’t want your best. I want one hundred forty Roadrunners every week, as the contract stipulates.” […]

Project Management: From Red Lights to Green Lights

How many books have been published and classes taught on project management? Yet, we have too many projects that are “Red”, “Pink”, or “Yellow” rather than the “Green Light” projects and products we celebrate.   A city in Michigan switches from one water supply to another and experiences elevated levels of lead in their drinking […]