The Scourge of “Toxic” Chemicals

Turtle-BackIn an ideal world, we’d be able to assign every chemical and organism to one of two categories: good/beneficial or bad/toxic, and even though this isn’t an ideal world, that’s what we often try to do. Read more

Catholicism and Environmentalism

Catholicism and Environmentalism Catholics with an interest in the environment should attempt to separate legitimate science from ideological noise and organizational self-interest Thomas M. Doran

Source: Catholicism and Environmentalism | Catholic World Report – Global Church news and views

The Dimensions of Heaven

Faith, Resurrection, and The Dimensions of Heaven Honest science and reason, seasoned with a healthy does of humility, are never adversaries to faith Thomas M. Doran

The Sensible Environmentalist

Balancing competing goods is a matter of prudential judgment and not the smug attitude that caricatures people and organizations as benighted or rapacious.

Source: The Sensible Environmentalist