The Wall, a short story (copyright 2016, T. M. Doran)

T. M. Doran, The WallThe Recruitment Center was a dingy little room with one glassless window looking out at the Wall. No chairs in the room because the presentations were brief. Once a week, Of-Agers assembled in the soot-laden room to hear the Parties pitched in anticipation of the choice they would be compelled to make. Read more

The Sensible Environmentalist

Balancing competing goods is a matter of prudential judgment and not the smug attitude that caricatures people and organizations as benighted or rapacious.

Source: The Sensible Environmentalist

Kicking the Can and The Twilight Zone

Kicking the Can What could be wrong with a story that champions revitalization and rejuvenation? Thomas M. Doran

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