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What 40 Years In The Environmental Trenches Has Taught Me

The environmental narrative we’re fed goes like this: toxic chemicals are lurking in our drinking water and streams, habitats are being destroyed, our air is laden with dangerous pollutants, things keep getting worse. We should be very worried. After 40 years working on environmental projects—not at think tanks, policy institutions, ivory towers, or in government […]


Sentience, a philosophical murder mystery (copyright 2016, T. M. Doran)

The passengers and crew on Sentient Air Flight 99: Anarch—Columbia University professor Autarch—chairman of Globalcorp Cynic—Sentient Air captain Deontologic—safety and security specialist Empiric—CalTech astrophysics researcher Glamor—L. A. celebrity model Gnost—flight attendant Hedon—scion of a billionaire Libertine—post post-modern artist Stoic—pantheistic clergyman   Thirty-two minutes, twenty-seven seconds, and twenty-nine thousand feet of altitude into Sentient Air’s flight […]

An Unlikely Hero

An Unlikely Hero He is flawed, and many of his flaws persist throughout his life. He can be petty and petulant. Nonetheless, he is a hero. Thomas M. Doran Source: An Unlikely Hero | Catholic World Report – Global Church news and views