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The Environment: Dogma, Domination, and Dominion

Environmental Dogma, Domination, and Dominion Dominion means that we use natural resources prudently, with an eye to being good stewards, while recognizing that it’s morally preferable for human lives to be protected and enhanced than to conserve every last living organism in the biosphere or to leave every natural resource untouched Thomas M. Doran Source: […]

Infrastructure Fractured Facts

A recent Detroit Free Press editorial, “Michigan becoming an infrastructure backwater” echoes the infrastructure bashing we so often hear these days. We’re not maintaining our once robust infrastructure, or so the argument goes. Such calls to action demand a response, and not the hearty endorsement you’re likely to hear from the public and infrastructure contractors. […]

America’s Deep Divisions in 2016

We’re deeply divided in 2016. Many think we should be guided by Judeo-Christian principles, and many think we should be guided by secular ideologies and whatever the majority desires. Many believe that fetuses in the womb should have rights, and many think they shouldn’t have any rights. Many believe that marriage is a covenant between […]