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Science and speculation

I recently read several articles about a visiting baseball player who was subjected to racial hazing in a game at Fenway Park. The sense of these articles is this attitude reflects on the city of Boston, and on America at large. This is an all-too-common tendency today, to extrapolate a statement, an incident, or even […]

Ideology and Storytelling

Ideology Is poisoning storytelling and rattling readers Writers are often seduced by cultural genies to make characters into sock puppets and plot lines into bullhorns that parrot “smart” thinking or ridicule “regressive” perspectives and values. Thomas M. Doran Source: Ideology Is poisoning storytelling and rattling readers | Catholic World Report – Global Church news and […]

A Roadmap for Disaster Prevention

A company with a sterling reputation for quality and customer service experiences the killing of a child by a wild animal at one of its premier resorts. Changes in water supply and treatment result in the release of lead from old pipes, producing a public health debacle. The removal of a brutal dictator from a […]